Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Friend, Na

When I kiss, I kiss really hard;
When I kick, I kick so bad.
You whom I kiss so hard;
I think you should be glad;
If you’re not, I will be so sad.

About your dancing,
I tell you the opposite of what I mean.
To underpin that line,
I tell you I must be kiddin this time.
You say it must be a hyperbole;
I say it must be an irony.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice,
That’s what you are without thinking twice.
You suspect I’m using irony or hyperbole;
My friend that’s the plain truth I can say.
You don’t believe me so
Coz why you’re such a jilted jo.
Never forget that life is a see-saw;
Now you see, now you don’t, you don’t know
At the end of the corner, the right one is just waiting for you.

You hate you’re such a pessimist;
Why don’t you love being an optimist?
The optimist sees the doughnut;
The pessimist sees the hole.
The hole: the pain, the pang that makes life miserable;
The doughnut: the light, the love that makes life beautiful.


Kezeah A.

Having great life is having great friend;
For me, it’s a truth no one can bend.
Having a great friend is a joy indeed;
For me, it’s a gift, it’s a bless I need.

If I had to choose between power and wealth,
I would choose power and I would drop wealth.
If I, had to choose between great friend and power,
I will choose great friend and I will dump great power.

True friend sparks light when you are in darkness;
He spices life and brings out bundle of happiness.
True friend gives everything and demands nothing;
He inspires all the virtues a beautiful life can bring.


Kezeah E.

Friends may promise forever;
But theirs may end in less than a year.

A year could be shorter or longer than forever,
A controversy that needs a definite answer.

Answer me, now long is forever?
Forever could be a second or could longer than an hour.

An hour could be longer than forever,
Or it could be longer than the sun up there.

Up there, down here, and anywhere;
Forever doesn’t matter as long as we are here.

We are here in a chamber called forever,
To snatch the mystery and to flash the answer.

The answer that could be yes or never,
And forever that could end up to here.

Here and now is my place and my time, my dear.
My friend, my love, please always remember.

Remember that indefinite is the word forever.
And how could it take a definite answer?

Answer, question, answer whatever.
Whatever life could bring us later….

Later or never let us stop here.
Let us start making our best forever.